Public hearings 2020

According to art. 78 paragraph (4) p. d) of the Code on science and innovation of the Republic of Moldova no. 259 of 15.07.2004, republished in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova no. 58-66 / 131 of 23.02.2018, the science sections of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova organize, at the request of the central specialized bodies of RM, with the participation of the interested parties, the public hearing of the research and innovation projects results, including those financed from the state budget.

The public hearings of the research and innovation projects results take place according to the instruction regarding the public hearing of the research and innovation projects results, approved by the National Agency for Research and Development (NARD) by Order no. 46 of 16.10.2018, in coordination with the ASM, with the subsequent modifications and the criteria for evaluation the scientific reports regarding the implementation of the research projects, approved by the Decision of the ASM Presidium, in coordination with the NARD.

Video recordings of public hearings are available at IDSI TV

The schedules of the public hearings of the science sections can be accessed here:

Exact and Engineering Sciences Section

Social, Economics, Humanities and Arts Sciences Section

Life Sciences Section -  biology, environment and agriculture

Life Sciences Section  - medicine


Projects within the state programs for 2018-2019

Fundamental and applied (institutional) research projects for 2019

16.02 and 50.07 Innovative materials, technologies and products

16.03 and 58.07 Energy efficiency and exploitation of renewable energy sources

16.04 and 80.07 Health and biomedicine

16.05 and 51.07 Biotechnologies

16.06 and 08.07 The national heritage and development of the society

Projects within the young researchers programs

Projects within the bilateral and multilateral programs


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