ASM Presidium

ASM Presidium

The executive body of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova is the Presidium, which organizes and coordinates the activity of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova according to the Code on Science and Innovation of the Republic of Moldova, the Statute and the Regulation of the Presidium.

The presidium consists of the President, Vice-Presidents and the General Scientific Secretary.

Duties of the Presidium:

  • coordinates and ensures the elaboration of the report on the state of the science that reflects the policies developed and the way of their implementation at national level;
  • convenes the ordinary and extraordinary sessions of the General Assembly in accordance with the Statute of the ASM;
  • proposes to award state distinctions, national prizes, international prizes, awards distinctions and honorary titles established by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Prize of the Academy of Sciences;
  • presents the activity and financial reports;
  • proposes, at the request of ministries and other central specialized bodies, researchers in the fields of science for ad-hoc consultative activities;
  • approves the budget project and the budget of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova;
  • approves the medium-term budgetary framework for the Academy of Sciences of Moldova; 
  • performs other attributions in the field of research and innovation arising from the provisions of the normative framework and the Statute of the ASM.

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